Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rising Generation Youth Chorus presents

YSinging Valentines Order FormY
For $10 you can surprise your special sweetheart or friend with a Singing Valentine delivered by smartly dressed members of the Rising Generation Youth Chorus.  A gift of either a rose or chocolate bar will accompany all in-person deliveries.  Phone deliveries will receive two songs in lieu of the gift.   You may also donate a Valentine to be delivered to a person at a nursing home or hospital (to be determined by Rising Generation).
p Please donate my Singing Valentine to a person in need.
p My recipient lives outside of the St. Louis area—please make this a phone delivery.  
p Please deliver my valentine to the following person.

Name of Recipient: _________________________________________________________________________________

Address of Recipient:________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number of Recipient:____________________________________________________________________

Ward Boundary:_________________________________________________________________________
                                  (Please provide boundaries of recipient even if recipient isn’t a church member.)

Name of Giver: _________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number of Giver:____________________________________________________________________________



YChoose a song: (two songs if this is a phone delivery)
You are my Sunshine
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Love Me Tender

YChoose a gift:
Chocolate Bar

YChoose a delivery type:
In person
Phone Call

Payment attached__________

Payment being mailed______

Sold by __________________
YChoose a delivery day:
Friday, February 7 (all deliveries on Friday will be between 6pm and 9pm)
Saturday, February 8 (see below for time choice)

YChoose a Saturday delivery time:
Saturday, Feb. 8      9 am to noon
Saturday, Feb. 8      1pm to 4pm

Please pass this form back to a member of Rising Generation or mail to:
Gina Fuller, 2506 Johnson Place Dr.  Ballwin, MO  63021
Questions?  Contact info (email preferred): or (314) 822-1602

Forms are due to Rising Generation Youth by January 30 or received by mail by Feb 3.